Endless Canvas was founded in 2008 in Oakland, California as a team of photographers and printmakers dedicated to showing the world what was going on in the greater San Francisco Bay Area art and graffiti movement.

At the time there was no website that represented the day to day artwork that was springing up in the streets of the Bay so we  created a platform on the level of the sites coming out of Los Angeles and New York.

The documentation was so important that we began printing books and zines.  It was so well received that artists began reaching out to us to print and distribute their zines, posters and sometimes originals.

This led us to curate large art exhibitions and connect artists with murals and other opportunities.

Over the years we have built many connections around the world.  While we document and organize globally we will always be on the look out for artists who put a significant amount of public work up in the Bay Area.  

We believe that Bay Area graffiti artists travel the most.  Perhaps it's because the Bay is such a diverse place or maybe you just can't contain all this energy in one place.

Make sure you visit our main website: www.EndlessCanvas.com