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THOUSANDS OF YEARS - Graffiti Art Rome Italy - Zine


Limited Edition of 200 featuring a Hand Screen Printed Cover.

Forty pages of street art and graffiti from Rome Italy taken in December of 2009.

The zine features work by artists like:
Twist, C215, Amaze, GATS, Sten and Lex, Above, Political Gridlock, Yokes, Seth, Hogre, Poison, Splash TKS, Apear and Sufer MTA, Police, Yo Peace, Yes 2, Miss 17, Milk TFP, Coca, Blak, Favianna Rodriguez, Katsex, Kidz, Brus, Curse, Anik, Brome, Ipone, Warios, Haze, SFC, 2ker, Book, Joe Blo, Tawa, Beso, Nemo, FE, Stan and more.

The title "Thousands of Years" was chosen because people have been doing graffiti in Rome for literally thousands of years. There are institutes set up specifically for the study of ancient graffiti because it teaches us about the day to day experiences of the working class.

The price of the zine will go up as we sell through the limited edition.