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Special Delivery Poster #13 - Signed


Special Delivery - Portland 2011
Commemorative Poster

Signed by: Elite, Hero CK, Ghost CK, Beer is Good (aka Broke One)

- Artwork by Broke One
- 11" x 17" Inches
- Two Colors on yellow card stock
- Hand pulled serigraph

Special Delivery was a massive warehouse take over in Portland that featured prolific Bay Area graffiti artists like Swampy, Feral Child, GATS, Bella Ciao, Just Becauz, Dead Eyes, Attica, Pink Eyes, Political Gridlock, ATWA, Old Crow, Doodles, Coyote, Logo, GoreB, Nart, Cuss, Nina and more.

See photos from the event at

The funds generated from the sales of these posters will be used to put out a full color book documenting the Special Delivery show as well as street art around Portland during July, 2011.

Sold Out