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RAS TERMS Shirt (BoomBox) - Small

Image of RAS TERMS Shirt (BoomBox) - Small

$9.00 - On Sale

Only smalls left.

Tired of t-shirts with big uncomfortable patches of plastic feeling ink? This limited run of t-shirts was discharge printed. Discharge is a screen printing technique that removes the dye from the shirt leaving the natural cotton color. This means the whole shirt feels soft as if it was never printed and the design will never fade.

Shirt Specs:
- Black Shirt
- 13"x17" Image
- Soft Discharge Print
- 5.3oz 100% Cotton
- PreShrunk Jersey

About Ras Terms:
Ras Terms was born and raised in Miami. As part of the BSK and FS crews he was a pivotal figure in the Miami graffiti scene. Terms is a gifted illustrator and painter who has provided many images for the Rastafarian community. Since his arrival in the Bay Area he has established himself as a character graffiti artist and has lent his talents to serve the community.