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Endless Canvas - Issue #5 - Aura / Roar / 7seas Limited Edition


We don't have many of these left.

- 60 Pages of Graffiti / Street art from the Bay Area / LA / Oregon
- Limited edition of 300 / hand numbered
- Hand screen printed cover designed by Aura
- Center fold poster by Roar
- Interviews with 7seas, Roar, and Aura of the Legendary CBS crew

Issue five is mostly Bay Area photos with a handfull of Los Angeles and Portland shots over the summer of 2011.

Documented Artists Include:
Nesta, Ras Terms, Swampy, Taki 183, Optimist, Dead Eyes, Nekst, GATS, ROA, Erupto, Ceiver, Keep, Bella Ciao, Anemal, Broke One, Logo, Plant Trees, Attica, Booker, Feral Child, ATWA, Meme, Nina STM, Cancer Carl, Pear, Swerve, Goser, Stenz, Paeday, Safety First, Naka, Self, Coyote, Gorse, Rodi, Wrane, Jenga, Odd Fellow, Pink Eyes, Seper, Rack, Jeans, Blek le Rat, Horns, Cuss, Goya, Esu, Jihad, Blame, Ash Rose, Hero CK, Occult, Suenos, Astro, Lousy, Wire, Soup, Upfuk, Five, Stue, Cajun, Destn, Gruel, Kosher, Cran, Snarl, Gaks, Pabst, Dims, Gunk, Diet, Curve, Steel, Zoltron, Femer, Hugh Leeman, Rose, Winston Smith, Digit, Sabot, Panda Sex, Lekt, MSK, Rekn, Owl, Gool, Pils, 7seas, Aura, Roar and more!

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