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ENDLESS CANVAS #7 - The Meme Issue


This issue's featured artist is Meme. It includes an interview and a four page color spread of her street work.

The majority of the photos were taken between the Winter of 2013 and the Summer of 2014 in the Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area.

A small tribute to a true legend; Anemal you will never be forgotten.

Anemal, Optimist, Irot, Ceaver, Jurne, Baer, Swoon, GATS, Reader, N.O. Bonzo, Dead Eyes, MKUE, Ceaver, Plant Trees, Pez, Dr.Sex, Begr, Nina, Nekst, Enron, Death, Snort, Harper, Political Gridlock, Grief, Enor, Meter, Ideal, DFM, Old Crow, Ras Terms, Joins, Meck, Sworn, Imp, Gyer, Aigoe, Ask, Logo, Five, Aboo, Grief, Uter, Enron, Wire, Dvote, Goser, Self, Lizzie, Roar, You Go Girl, PTV, Mike, Yovoy, Grow, Renek, Ghost Owl, Jihad, Broke, Oger, Awoke, Parmes, Mike, Sorie, Clito, Rong, Ghost, About, Oksy, Storm, Jetsky, Rekn, Cops, Peros, Masher, VRS, Basq, Peace, 7Seas, Fresh Prince, Skam, RX, Yum Yum, Make Love, and more.

Book quality binding... built to last!


- Limited Run of 500
- 5.5" x 8.5" Inches
- Glossy Color Cover
- 66 Pages
- 4 Pages Full Color
- 62 Pages Black and White
- Perfect Bound
- Printed in Oakland
- Recycled Paper
- Animal-Free Binding